A Fresh Start

Hey everyone,

I’ve wanted to start a blog for over a year now. Write something about interesting algorithms or math, or challenges that I’ve faced in programming, or discuss wild ideas. I set up most of the pre-requisite infrastructure on my webpage; start writing and then ….give up in less than half the time I spent setting up the blog. Why? Anything between a lack of interest in writing or a general feeling that no one would care. I hope this time will be different and to ensure that I’m writing this post as a way of making a public commitment. I’m choosing my Google Sumer of Code journey as a starting point for this blog because:

As time and my interests permit, I would like to see this branch out to more diverse topics with interaction. I just commented on a KGP Centrale! post that asked about connecting embedded devices to the institute wifi. I remembered that I’ve done that for the echo in my room. Maybe if I write about it, I’ll be able to help someone. I also plan on streamlining the process using DD-WRT on RasPi-4; perhaps if I document the process, I can have a fun little networking hack that others can learn and contribute to.

In conclusion, here’s my first post that I hope will be useful to someone out there. I plan on writing a lot over this summer regardless of how much interaction or visits I generate. Still, I wouldn’t be lying if it would be fantastic for everyone who reads this - and is even vaguely interested - to give a read, like, and comment.


With love